Pax et bonum



How are you doing?

If you said, “I’m doing good,” then, Are you a savage? Learn to speak English.

If you said, “I’m doing well,” then thank an English teacher. And, I’m glad you’re doing well. Life can be wonderful, can’t it? Give freely to those in need. Smile. People are hurting. Do what you can to alleviate their pain. If you are funny, make them laugh. If they love you, love them in return. If you are obnoxious, leave them alone. Be kind to others. Be patient with them and excuse them, as you can, for they are wounded and hurting. Don’t let them steal your peace. Always pray.

If you said, “I’m doing badly,” then I am sorry. Life can suck sometimes and be or feel all wrong. If you need it, get help. See a health professional. Get medication. Take your medication. Talk to someone you trust and love. Talk to your priest or pastor. Go to counseling. Go to Confession. Whatever help it is you need, get it. Try to give thanks for the blessings that remain. And, if possible, for the suffering you are experiencing. Be at peace. And always pray.

If you said, “I’m doing fine,” because you’re unengaged, then, Wake up! Open your eyes and live. This world is a beautiful place. It’s not meant to be simply endured, slept through, Facebooked or Netflixed through. Taste it. See it. Enjoy it. As St Augustine says, “Love, and do what you will.”

If, however, you said, “I’m doing fine,” and you meant you don’t want to talk about it because you’re doing quite badly or you’re confused, lonely, or sad, I understand. I love you. Probably. Maybe I don’t know you. Certainly someone loves you. And even likes you. Yes, those voices in your head are telling you otherwise. The voices are saying that no one loves you. That you are alone. That you are worthless. But I am giving you permission to tell those voices to go fuck themselves. More than permission, I insist. Those voices are only interested in destruction and death. There is no peace in listening to them. And, as you know, always pray.

If you said, “It’s none of your business,” then, I’m sorry. Peace to you.

God gives grace in exchange for our brokenness, garlands for our ashes.

It is Lent. Everyone carries private burdens you know nothing about. Maybe even that they know nothing about. Therefore, be patient and kind with one another.

Peace and good to you.


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