Second First Day


I have two heading to middle school today and two heading to high school. I think I am nearly as nervous about everyone being in school as everyone who is going to school. Now, they seem OK. In fact, the two entering the public school system seem more relaxed than the two returning. (Is that a red flag?)

It is an odd thing to have seven children gone for eight hours or more each day.

I remain here with my two youngest: a three-year-old blanket sucker who would rather poop on the floor than in the toilet, and a cruising 10.5 month old who is trying to find novel ways to kill herself through choking and electrocution. So that’s fun.

I only have to keep two children alive today. And a dog, two cats, and six chickens. And attempt to eradicate 2.78 million ants and unloose an ornery commode.

Wherever you may be, be in peace.

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First Day

It is difficult packing up little people and sending them off to school. Big backpacks, half their size, weighing on them. I know they will be fine. I do. But  I will miss them. I know their teachers are good teachers and want to see my children succeed: Noah in kindergarten, Cate in first grade, and Jack in testing-heavy third grade. I know that even though Noah has already been pushed off the top of a slide at a meet-and-greet on Saturday by one of his classmates, that his head is hard and he gets back up. They are Lyonses, the lot of them, which doesn’t mean not being scared or unsure. But they will be strong, they will endure and grow, and I will be proud. I will miss them.

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An Update

My old blog,, still contains blog posts from years past. I want to start something new here, something fresh.

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Switching to WordPress?

I might be switching to WordPress from Blogger. This is a trial post.

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